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Ballotine de Poulet

4 chicken breasts 12 slices of bacon 100 grams of mushrooms 100 grams of goat’s cheese 1 small leek 2 cloves of garlic parsley spoon of butter salt pepper A classic dish of French cuisine that has a complex structure, but its implementation is simple enough. His stuffing can be changed according to our appreciation […]


Lemon CousCous with Dried Apricot and Roasted Almonds

200 g cous-cous 1 courgette 1 red pepper 100 g chickpeas 1 large red onion 2 cloves of garlic small eggplant  1 chilli 80 g of dried apricots 50 g of roasted almonds bunch of coriander  a bunch of mint 2 lemons turmeric cumin cinnamon olive oil smoked pepper salt pepper   If you want […]



High summer temperatures mean that I do not want to eat. During this time, we usually eat salads or light dishes for which seasonal vegetables were used. My cooler is like that! The soup originating in Spain has everything that our body needs on these hot days: lots of vitamins, iron and magnesium and a […]


Waldorf Salad

1 root celery 1 celery 4 sour apples 100 grams of walnuts 100 grams of green grapes ( red one of alternative ) 1 lemon 5 tablespoons of mayonnaise 1 tablespoon of icing sugar parsley white pepper, salt Just like the Polish people have their potato salad, the Danish people have something that is such a tradition and […]


Classic French Fish Soup – Bouillabaisse

200g of cod or zander 200g of salmon 8 shrimps 2 squid 8 mussels 8 scallops 1 small shallot 1 small fennel 2 tomatoes 100ml white wine 40 ml of brandy 1 tablespoon of tomato concentrate 1 liter of fish boulion parsley Bay leaf a bit of chili clove of garlic teaspoon of saffron lemon […]


Chocolate Brownie

Composition: 400 g butter 600 g of chocolate at least 63% 8 eggs 450 g of sugar 270 g flour 3 tablespoons of cocoa salt 200g nuts Execution: Separate the proteins from the yolks and beat them to a stiff foam. Put to another bowl and set aside. In a water bath, we dissolve butter […]


Traditional Norwegian Fish Soup

Composition: 100 grams of cod 100 grams of Halibut 100 grams of shrimps 100 grams of meat from mussels vegetables: carrot, parsley, leek, zucchini 200 grams of cream 0.5 liter of fish broth corn starch salt pepper parsley, dill Execution: Cut the vegetables as desired, but into smaller and flat pieces – slices, ribbons or […]



1. 600g icing sugar 600g almond flour 200g of protein 2 60g of sugar 220g of protein 3 600g sugar 200g of water Number 1 – Mix thoroughly until sugar is dissolved and protein must have room temperature. They explained to me that almond flour should be tasted under the influence of proteins. Of course, […]


Cerviche with Halibut, Cod , Prawns or Octopus

He will show you a dish that is no doubt international. Its roots are in Latin America but through the Caribbean and Mexico it has become a real hit for people having access to the sea and above all to fresh fish. While in Thailand I had the chance to try them out but also […]


Creamy Broccoli Soup with Blue Cheese

2 broccoli 1 large onion 1 large potato 2 cloves of garlic 1 liter of poultry or vegetable broth half a cup of cream nutmeg pepper, salt blue cheese Execution: Cut the broccoli into small rubles and lower parts peel from the outer skin and then cut into cubes. Potatoes and onions are cut into […]


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