Invite your friends and colleagues to a restaurant quality experience in your home!


Hosting dinner parties can be a much better alternative to meeting at a restaurant. You do not have to worry about reservations, prices or an unpleasant atmosphere. Your evening remains flexible- spend the time as you wish between courses or chat with your friends late into the night. If you are more comfortable and relaxed, your guests will be too.


A dinner party doesn’t have to mean time consuming preparations that leave you exhausted before it begins. You can leave everything to me, from selecting the menu to shopping, preparing and serving the dishes. Have you ever gone to a party and felt disappointed that the host was in the kitchen all night? With my help, your friends will delight in your presence, and you can fully enjoy the food as much as your guests.


Serve a high quality restaurant menu for a lower price in the comfort of your own home.


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Sample products that I can prepare for you

Birthday menu 1
Birthday menu 2
Birthday menu 3
Posh party

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